No way will I ever stop using Botox. 59 years old & no product can do the job of Botox!

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I had a Botox & filler treatment at Bense with the best result I could ask for. The staff are wonderful, kind and understanding. I look 10 years younger and feel better than I have in years.

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I’ve worked with Dr. Bense over the years, so I knew the level of professionalism – and decided to come to Bense Surgispa. I have been very pleased with the results and I trust Kristine and the staff for all of their help to work with my “all over the place schedule”. All in all I am more than pleased. Also my privacy is important to me, and I feel the staff is always careful in this respect.

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My consultation with the surgeon and staff was very thorough and they ensured that I was clear with the procedure and the expected outcome… The final results far exceeded my expectations, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Colin C.
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Love the service I received at Bense Surgispa. I had laser tattoo removal treatment on a Friday afternoon. During my consultation, the staff were very friendly and knowledgable. She explained everything I needed to know and answered all my questions. I received prompt service from Bense. Even though I got voicemail when I first called, I left a message and my call was returned the same day. The tattoo removal procedure didn’t hurt as bad as I was expecting, the woman who performed the procedure offered to take breaks if I needed it, which I didn’t. They called me on Monday to follow up to see how I was doing. I have noticed that my tattoo has faded quite a bit even after one treatment. I followed the after-care instructions given to me and noticed no bad blistering and didn’t have any pain in the couple days after. I have booked my next treatment and am looking forward to it. Bense also offered me multiple coupons and ways to save money which is great!! Bense also has very attractive physical layout and office

Chantille S.
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I started a few years ago getting hair removal at Bense…tried the chemical peels as well that year and then tried Botox a couple of years later…most recently I have started a series of 4-5 Fractora treatments to help with skin tone and wrinkles…I have to say I am beyond pleased with all the services I have had done with the girls at Bense especially the Botox and Fractora treatments…an amazing difference and so many compliments about how young I look…worth every dollar…Thank you girls

Andrea D.

I recently turned 50 and decided I wanted to get a treatment at Bense Surgispa for my birthday. I did and have been very pleased with my experience. My cheeks are more pronounced and the lips I had to draw on every day are now beautiful, full but natural looking. I will continue with my quest to keep my young appearance. Thank you Dr. Bense team. You made my experience fun and joyful.

Deb F.

Just had Botox & filler done by Kristine. Love it. Going to try IPL in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait. Thanks for the great service.

Linda B.
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I am a Bense SurgiSpa client of 12 years. The staff at Bense are professional, helpful, friendly and trained. Their work is a guarantee and you are very important to them!
I recommend the Vivier C & E Peptides serum! On your birthday they remember you with a gift certificate and they personally notify you of upcoming specials every month. These offer significant savings.

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I have been having IPL with Mardi for several years now and I will continue to do so. My skin looks easily 20 years younger (I am 53). No age spots. Mardi is also a joy to have those treatments with, she is so professional and makes you feel so special. I am so happy I found Mardi & IPL here at the Bense Clinic. I definitely would recommend it.

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I had the iLidlift done & have received a great number of compliments. The service is great & the staff are wonderful. I highly recommend this procedure to anyone with droopy eyelids. It makes you feel great. Thanks.

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I took the opportunity to visit with Dr. Bense and all his staff and it proved to be very rewarding for me. The whole team are so caring and professional and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable, safe, relaxed and special. They are awesome, super friendly and care about you and your needs and also your privacy. They make you look and feel great. Thanks to all for your professionalism, expertise and your caring.

Sheila B.
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I am absolutely thrilled with my iLIDLIFT. I tell everyone about my surgery. The amazing service and professionalism. I felt so pampered and taken care of by everyone here!! I am booked for my next skincare treatment today. I am so happy.

Carol P.
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Such an amazing team at Bense SurgiSpa. The staff are all so supportive and helpful! Dr. Bense is a fantastic doctor! I truly trust this team of caring and talented professionals! I look and feel amazing! Thank you Bense Surgispa!

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I had 3rd degree burns in my early 20’s that left some scarring and discoloration on my skin. I was self conscious to the point where I wouldn’t even go out with my friends or go in public without make up on, then I discovered Bense Surgi Spa. I’ve been going there for almost 2 years getting corrective treatments and my skin is better now in my mid 30’s than in my mid 20’s. I still get ID’d at the liquor store, always get mistaken for a mid 20 year old and often go out places with no make up on. For the first time, in probably all of my life, I feel comfortable in my skin and it keeps getting better with each visit there. The staff is incredible so shout out to my girls Kristine, Mardi, Jackie and of course the beautiful receptionist Marilyn. You women are amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve done for me..xo!!

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